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Welcome to The Prince and the Frog

Lars Ashton was a lot more than he seemed. He was just your average fifteen year old boy going to school. But his luck slowly took a turn for the worst when a little frog started following him home from school one day. And the next, and the next. He soon finds out, from an embarrassing turn of events, that this is no ordinary frog. In fact, it is Alonzo, the prince of somewhere-or-other, and his froggy curse has been unwillingly lifted by Lars! Now Alonzo, eternally grateful and convinced that Lars is the only one who could've lifted the curse, he is determined to marry Lars, no matter what. COMEDY/ROMANCE. C: warning: contains BL. Please leave some feedback!


August 1st, 2011, 1:30 am

Hey thanks!

As of July 31st, The Prince and the Frog now has 50+ fans. Sooo, I just want to say that I appreciate you readers taking the time to enjoy my comic, and also thanks to the people who leave their feedback!
I hope you all continue to enjoy Prince and the Frog. :)

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